where do I even start…

I feel so out of touch. I haven’t been able to put 2 coherant thoughts together in over a month it seems.

But in case I have any loyal readers out there just wondering if we’re even alive – I figured I’d better at least attempt to post an update. That being said, this post will be jumbled with no rhyme or reason….and since coherancy is what I’m lacking at the moment – I will separate my jumbled thoughts with cute little asterisks. *** =) Enjoy.

*** My son is seven months old!?!? Does that sound weird to anyone else? He’ll be 1 before i know it. The past couple months have been a little rough because he’s been fighting a few little bugs going around – but let me just say that he is a trooper. He refuses to miss a beat. I can look at him, snotty little nose and all – and he absolutely brightens my day. He brings absolute joy to our lives. He has mastered “sitting up”. We came back from Oklahoma and the next day he decided he was ready. He sits there like he’s been doing it for months, just playing with this toy or that, mumbling little Isaak words, and absorbing everything for all its worth. His innocence, his fresh view of life, his funny little faces, they all remind Amick and I at how easy it should be to truly enjoy life.
Each day he gets better and better with foods. He LOVES LOVES bananas. And if I need him to eat something, just mix it with bananas and he’s good to go! He also eats squash, sweet potatos, green beans, and the good ol trusty rice cereal. We will be moving to 2 meals a day pretty soon. He DOES NOT like turkey and gravy!!!! He DOES like refried beans from mexican restaurants. Grammie is waiting for me to give him peas. I HATE peas… but I have to get past that and ensure that my son eats well now, so he’ll eat good later! peas schmeas.

*** Our trip to Oklahoma was great. Isaak was an angel on the flight, and an angel while we were there. He got to meet a lot of new family – and he was happy to visit new places….especially the aquarium. We were glad to get home to our own bed, but really enjoyed the relaxing time away from a busy routine.

*** My brother is getting married in less than a month! Since he moved away – things haven’t been the same. I genuinely miss him, and wish I would have taken advantage of the time I had with him when he was here. I am so proud of him, of his goals, of his amazing fiance, and pray that blessings continue to follow them as they begin their new lives together.

***I am in the wedding – and of course “the dress” saga begins yet again. In case you don’t remember the last dress… see here:
well this time I have a different problem… the dress didn’t shrink. The buyer of the dress bought it a size smaller than she should have in hopes that motivation would appear and 10 pounds would disappear by the time 6/27 arrives. Obviously that’s impossible since there’s no way I can lose 3lbs per week and be nursing at the same time. But I’m going to do my best starting tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated, and advice is welcomed, and I will post updates each week on my measely progress. Right now I’d just like to lose 5. We’ll see. If all else fails….I’ll be sure that I am extremely tan, because we all know the saying: (say it with me ladies) “Tan fat is better than white fat”. Good news is the dress at least zipped. BUT that does not mean it looked good by any means. My mother & sister-in-laws can vouch for that (Even though they wouldn’t because they’re way too nice).

***Speaking of nursing, I’ve made it 7 months!!!
(Now – for all your expert breastfeeding gurus out there who made it past a year and some even to 18 months – CONGRATULTATIONS.)
but….back to me. My goal was 6 months. I am happy to say that I surpassed my goal – and without much difficulty or complaints. However, with a growing boy, a growing boy with teeth, a growing boy with teeth who is also a wiggle worm, a growing boy with teeth who is also a wiggle worm with a mom who is working part time….and having supply issues. my patience is running thin. I can deal with most everything *EXCEPT* the biting & low supply. So I’m beginning to look at my other options, and really pray about the next couple months. Any advice or encouragement in this area is welcomed!!

Well I see the infamous red lights on the baby monitor which means blogging time is over. I hope to post some pictures, as soon as hubby emails me some!

Love you all – oh, and keep your updates coming. I may not be posting, but I read my favorite blogs every morning!


  1. yay for the update… Glad you did 🙂 sorry your not feeling well. Congrats to making it to 6 months, those little teeth are sharp he bit my hand, I can’t imagine those teeth on any “tender parts” haha 🙂 congrats!!

  2. I love the dress story, I don’t know how I had never read it before!! You looked great that day and will again in this next wedding!! I loved the ** as well, even though most of us could have understood every word with out them to notify the next thought!

    Can’t wait to see pictures! Love you all!

  3. You can loose weight pretty easily while breastfeeding. I think it’s 500 calories extra you are supposed to have per day? So you do a reduced calorie diet + your extra 500 (or whatever it was) for the baby + take walks with baby and it will start coming off quick. Can’t guarantee it’ll stay off when you stop nursing. 😉

  4. Great update! The dress will look awesome!!! =)

  5. Yeah, your back. I am sure you will look stunning in the wedding. At least the dress isn’t canary yellow…..LOL

  6. Almost 7 months! Wow! I remember reading your post right after your precious Isaak was born. Where does the time go?! I can’t believe my angel is 4 months old. Truly bittersweet.

    Congrats on making 7 months with nursing. (Isn’t it such an amazing bonding experience?! I love that time with my baby girl!) Prayerfully you’ll be able to go for as long as you desire. I will be praying that the Lord will give you wisdom and peace in making a decision.

  7. Congrats on making it 7 months! I know it is a lot of work and can be very frustrating! If you are interested in continuing to nurse you might try taking Fenugreek from GNC, it really helps with supply, and you might try pumping…I pump exclusively and it really works out great for us. I did it for a year with Olivia and plan to go a year with Tori. I always know how much Tori is getting and the more you pump the more you make-just make sure you have a good double pump, I recommend the Medela pumps. Then you get the benefits of breastmilk without the teeth marks 🙂 Good luck!

  8. Yay for an update!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    Congrats on making it 7mos!
    I have made it 7mos too…(i love that our babies are only two days apart!!)
    glad you guys had a great trip! your lil guys sounds SO easy going!


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